What breed of horse are you?

Horses are extremley intelligent and kind creatures. They have many different personalities though. Mine is amazingly smart, just like me! Cool, huh? I think so!

What horse breed are YOU- Andalusian, Shetland, Quarter horse, or a draft horse? Take this quiz to find out! And when you are done, rate it! I love to hear from ya'll!

Created by: Mac
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  1. You realize someone is in the pool on the bottom. They are not moving. Do you-
  2. Two of your friends are going to take a hike for a day. Your parents say no. You-
  3. You are going to a fancy dance! Your dress/tux is-
  4. You want-
  5. Busted! You were cheating on a final exam! You have four choices-
  6. Do you know what 'decadence' means?
  7. it is seventy six degrees outside. Would you rather-
  8. Doesn't count how did you answer the questions?
  9. You like
  10. Rather have?

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Quiz topic: What breed of horse am I?