What home stable is best for you in Star Stable?

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Hey! So this quiz will determine what home stable you would be best to have. It's not going to be 100% accurate, but hopefully it suits you. Let's go!

If you happen to read this, I have a link under this paragraph, next to my name. You can use that to go vote your favorite Star Stable horse breed! Anyways, good luck!

Created by: Crazy_Horse_girl of strawpoll.me
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  1. What level are you?
  2. Do you like a popular place?
  3. What do you do the most?
  4. Do you want a place with an arena?
  5. Do you tend to travel around a lot?
  6. Do you want a fairy?
  7. Do you role play?
  8. What kind of place do you want?
  9. Are you English or Western?
  10. Do you want a place to buy horses?
  11. What's your favorite discipline?
  12. Do you want a championship?
  13. Did you vote my poll? (If you didn't the link is underneath the ending paragraph after you read your results)
  14. What part of the map do you want?
  15. Do you want a place to style your horses mane?

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