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Hello, welcome to this quiz. This quiz is based on your Star Stable life. If you do read this, I have a link right down under these paragraphs, next to my name. Please vote your favorite Star Stable horse breed.

I certainly had a great time making this quiz. Just answer the questions best you can and avoid "other" as much as possible. If you can't answer a question just skip it. Have fun!

Created by: Crazy_Horse_girl of
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  1. How many horses do you have?
  2. What level are you?
  3. How long have you been playing the game?
  4. Are you in a club?
  5. Where is your Home Stable?
  6. How often do you play?
  7. How happy are your horses?
  8. Favorite championship?
  9. What level are your horses?
  10. Rate the game.

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