Which Star Stable Magic Horse Are You?

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Hey! Thanks for looking at my quiz! :D if you play sso, pls mail me (I’m Elizabeth Faststeel) and maybe we could meet up and rp or hang or something? Idk.

Idk... Lolz I guess (pronounced: lie XD) I get lonely sometimes. Lolz on sso and rl. My bff that hasn’t logged on since oct 2019 and finally logged on in jan just before school came bk and now she’s suuuuupeeeeerrrrr unactive. ;-;

Created by: Elizabeth Faststeel
  1. Out of the following, which is your fave food?
  2. Your fave colour/s?
  3. Again, your fave colour/s?
  4. YOU love...
  5. Your fave star stable horse is:
  6. The element you feel a connection with is:
  7. You are..?
  8. Choose an sso horse type:
  9. Your fave fauna (animals) is..?
  10. Your fave flora (nature) is..?

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Quiz topic: Which Star Stable Magic Horse am I?