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Hello. So I made a quiz about the Star Stable horse evolution in Star Stable. It's a very challenging quiz, but some questions are quite easy and should help your score.

If you do happen to read this I have a link underneath these paragraphs, next to my name. Go vote your favorite Star Stable horse breed! Well, have fun and good luck!

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  1. What was the first horse model that came out after the starter model?
  2. What was the first horse breed to wear the new braids?
  3. What was the first generation 3 horse?
  4. How many Arabian models are there?
  5. What was the last horse breed released in 2020?
  6. When was the Gen3 Jorvik Pony released?
  7. What Wild came first?
  8. What of these is not a generation 2 horse?
  9. When was the first Gen3 horse released?
  10. TRUE or FALSE- You can still buy a Gen1 horse.
  11. The first Gen3 pony to come out AFTER the Connemara...
  12. What horse came out after the Knabstrupper?

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