What high-school award should you win

There are many smart people in the world. There are many athletic people in the world. Some people like attention. But which is really most like you? You may think something that real his not true about you.

Are you athletic? Are you smart? Are you funny? It is hard to come up with the answer to this question. Which are you REALLY? It is hard to think about. But now, instead of wondering, you can find out which is really like you. Thanks to this quiz.

Created by: Rachel R.
  1. Are you a jokester?
  2. Are you a good student?
  3. Are you athletic?
  4. What grades do you get?
  5. You play sports...
  6. Which describes you best?
  7. How many times have you gotten in trouble with your teacher?
  8. What do you wear to school
  9. What Halloween costume is best for you?
  10. Do you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What high-school award should I win