Which award should you win?

there are many international awards... do you think you could win one? if yes play this quiz and find out which award would you get... enjoy and sorry if results are'nt according to your wish...

every award has a personality... take this quiz and find out which award suits your personality... also play the two quizes mentioned in the question 13... best of luck for results

Created by: Crystal Clear

  1. So my first question have you played my quizes before (What type of tv show is your life Which keyboard key are you)? (affects your results how you answer)
  2. How do you express yourself better
  3. Describe yourself
  4. Where do you see yourself after some years
  5. Choose a motto
  6. if someone hurts you.. what would you do
  7. what would you do to be famous
  8. are you diplomatic and change attitude quite easily
  9. do you think you can be a good writer
  10. which of these is the most important to you
  11. well get ready for results and here are two interesting quizes 1. which keyboard key are you 2. what type of tv show is your life

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Quiz topic: Which award should I win?