A Bronx Tale Trivia

This quiz is for anyone who wants to test their knowledge of Chazz Palminteri's semi-autobiographical play, 'A Bronx Tale.' The story has appeared in 3 different forms over the last 2 decades and will make its Broadway tour debut at The Long Center in Austin, TX on September 3rd. Visit www.thelongcenter.org to buy tickets and find more information on this fabulous production.

Academy Award-nominated actor Chazz Palminteri returns to the stage in an unforgettable performance fresh from a successful run on Broadway, where it was praised by the critics and adored by the public. In A Bronx Tale, the celebrated play on which he based the legendary movie, Palminteri vividly depicts a young boy's rough childhood in the 1960s-era Bronx and the unforgettable people he encountered. A classic coming-of-age story about reaching your true potential and trusting your heart, A Bronx Tale is directed by four-time Tony Award-winner Jerry Zaks.

Created by: The Long Center of The Long Center for the Performing Arts
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  1. In what form was 'A Bronx Tale' first presented to the public?
  2. In the film version, what actor also directed and starred in 'A Bronx Tale?'
  3. When did 'A Bronx Tale' make its Broadway debut?
  4. What role did the show's author, Chazz Palminteri, play in the film version?
  5. In the stage version of 'A Bronx Tale,' Chazz Palminteri plays how many different characters?
  6. What decade does 'A Bronx Tale' take place in?
  7. When was the first public performance of 'A Bronx Tale?'
  8. Will you attend a performance of 'A Bronx Tale' at The Long Center?
  9. Have you attended any events or performances at The Long Center?
  10. Have you seen any previous productions or the film version of 'A Bronx Tale?'

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