What Hetty Feather character are you?

This quiz is based on the BOOKS not the TV series. Could you be Hetty/sapphire/emerald? Polly? Jem? Matron Bottomly ? Diamond? Gideon? Or Madame Adeline?

Find out now! Are you friendly or bossy? Happy or sour? Are you mentally strong or mentally weak? Take this quiz to see... (Just a quiz).

Created by: FizzyPop
  1. Do you have a big imagination?
  2. Do you boss people around?
  3. Are you helpful around the house?
  4. How would you describe yourself
  5. Where would you imagine yourself living
  6. What do you imagine yourself doing in ten years?
  7. Have you had many adventures?
  8. If a homeless child turned up at your doorstep, what would you do
  9. What's your favourite animal?
  10. Rate questions

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Quiz topic: What Hetty Feather character am I?