Do you know Hetty Feather?

Do you think you know Hetty feather and you know everything which could be know for Hetty feather then this is a good quiz for you. Hetty feather is so good it has it own TV show

This quiz is all about do you know what colour Hetty feather hair colour is. What is her favourite sibling and where does she run off to in her life !!

Created by: Eden

  1. What colour is hettys hair ?
  2. Who is hettys real mum
  3. What age do they have to go back to the hospital?
  4. Where is hettys den ?
  5. Which of Hetty sibling born nearest to her ?
  6. Do you like this book
  7. Who is hettys favourite sibling
  8. Where did Gem and Hetty hang out
  9. Where did Gem and Hetty run off to
  10. When Hetty was little she dreamed She could live with ...

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Quiz topic: Do I know Hetty Feather?