What handgun caliber are you?

This is a quiz to determine what handgun caliber may be best suited for somebody with your personality or person type. There's no real scientific basis here this is simply for fun. Take the quiz and find out what handgun caliber you are. Good luck.

Are you ready to find out what handgun caliber you are? take the quiz and find out your inner handgun caliber. You may surprise yourself. This also may help and be a deciding factor on your next firearm purchase. Have fun!!

Created by: Anthony
  1. What is your favorite Sport?
  2. What do you drive?
  3. What kind of meat do you like?
  4. When you are sick with the flu do you?
  5. What type of cigarettes do you smoke?
  6. Do you have children?
  7. What kind of beer do you like?
  8. Why do you own a gun?
  9. Favorite Cowboy?
  10. Did you play army when you were a kid?

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Quiz topic: What handgun caliber am I?