what halo character are u

did you ever want to know what halo character are you?well now you can! take the quiz in my point of view. in different situations how will you react? find out by takeing this quiz. i sugjest you put on backround music so you dont get boared

in just a few questions you will find out.How you get what you want. i wish you good luck. i picked these questions because im a huge Halo fan. i hope you enjoy it.

Created by: randy

  1. you spot a scout from the flood. what do you do?
  2. you see a banshee and the pilot steps out and is guarding it what do you do
  3. you see a tank and a banshee.you need to destroy a ocupied camand post what do you do
  4. you see an enamiy in a wraith what do you do
  5. you see an enamie with a gun by your head what do you do
  6. what wepon would you use if you were surounded with flood
  7. did you like my quiz
  8. will you comment
  9. will you visit my web site at asureknight.webs.com
  10. do you like halo

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