Which Halo Character are you

What Halo character are you? Take this simple quiz to find out! Elite? Marine? Spartan? Find out and brag to your friends if you want.......or not you know what ever.

Are you actually a good soldier? I dunno, find out now thanks to this great quiz! What other people have "said": Its AWSOMESESESESES YEA! I is knows alls nows!

Created by: Gangsta Grunt
  1. Do you own any of the halo games?
  2. What is your style?
  3. What is your preferred weapon?
  4. If you could one super power what would you have?
  5. How tall are you?
  6. What is your favorite sport?
  7. What is your usual emotion?
  8. Random Moment!
  9. What do you like more?
  10. What Halo games do you own?

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Quiz topic: Which Halo Character am I