what kind if halo character are you

there are many people in halo 3.The thing is that there is good and evil.So two main things.So lets see what character you are in evil or good.See what you are here and see your destiny in life.Just kidding but serisly take the quiz and i think you will like it

So are you good or evil.see what you are in this quiz and there will be a versin 2.good quiz but number two will be better more variety intill then try his quiz out and enjoy it intill the second one oh yeah cant wait.so deal with it intill then ok and good luck gettong master chief

Created by: jaskirit khaira

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. faviorite weapons
  2. what would you do if the covenet was after the ring
  3. what would you do if a girl was in trouble
  4. faviorite energy shield
  5. faviorite assalt weapon
  6. what would you do if you had to choose from life or somebody elses
  7. faviorit things to do
  8. what is your faviorite food
  9. faviorite color
  10. what to do on a saturday morning

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Quiz topic: What kind if halo character am I