What Hair Color Should You Have?

Hair color is something that many people talk about all the time, blonde jokes, sexy mature brunettes, and those unique red heads. This quiz will help you to find out what hair color you should be, even if it isn't the color you currently have!

So what hair color will you be? What does your personality reveal about what hair color you should have? You are about to find out! So what will it be for you blonde, brunette, or red haired??

Created by: Ababa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. It's Summer what is your ideal past time?
  2. What is your ideal outfit?
  3. Whats your ideal man?
  4. Favorite Season?
  5. Favorite Make-up?
  6. Favorite place to travel?
  7. Ideal date?
  8. Favorite Romance Movie?
  9. Favorite Color?
  10. Describe your personality in one word

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Quiz topic: What Hair Color should I Have?