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  • Your Result: The Confident Cutie 93%

    The object of your affection is the boy that is involved with everything! He's on student council, the lead in the school play, the quarterback of the football team, and the leader of the popular crowd. You are just like that, except you can do it all in a skirt! You are confident as heck and are a shameless flirt. You don't care what people think of you. You can't have a shy boy by your side, or else you do all the talking. You both like to talk a lot too. Please though, for the sake of everyone's sanity, quit kissing in the halls! You aren't that private with your affection... Lol kind of true

    fluffy cloud
  • Your Result: The Funny Fella

    The boy that makes everyone laugh 24/7 is most likely your beau. You have a great sense of humor and know how to take a joke. You're also really bubbly and love to laugh. You both love to prank people, and with this boy your skills will be evenly matched. You both have seldom seen serious and romantic sides, but when you two get together, they bloom. This is totally what I wanted! Although I'm not bubbly, I'm just funny. Not a boast.

  • Mine's mysterious. Wicked.

  • Your Result: The Artistic Adolescent

    You are an artsy girl, and your perfect match is too! The boy you'll most likely crush on is a artist or musician. He is always looking for something to write a song about or something to paint, as are you. You guys can be each others muses! A boy with an artists soul is often very sensitive and romantic. Sigh, every girls' dream...

    ok whatevs...i've only liked 2 artistic guys, maybe more

    elle bee
  • cool funny fella :D i love to joke :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  • I got Artistic Adolescent. It's funny...i never liked artistic guys til my last crush...who i'm now dating. He's a musician. And i do love writing poems/songs/parodie s/covers/stories and music is my middle name if admiring it and trying counts

  • The Mysterious Martyr
    Totally. Great quiz! 10/10!

  • That was one of the best quizzes I've ever taken! Your vocabulary is absolutely amazing! I got Artistic Adolescent. I'm not too artistic, but I seem to be attracted to guys who are. =P

  • i like the quiz. thanks for taking the time to make it.


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