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  • Your Result: Revolutionising the world of performance!

    You will become a great singer/actor/musici an! With your new unique style and your great heart and personality, you have the gift of touching everyone who hears you! You are the darling of the public, and every known award and mark of achievement is heaped upon you. We are all proud to have known you!!! But you never let it spoil your lovely personality or ruin your own life, and you are respected all the more for that :) With your talent, you can help people and heal rifts of all kinds, and after your death you are remembered forever, with an annual international holiday in memory of you.

    Hmmmm.... A holiday named after me? I could get use to that :P and that description does sound a lot like me. Awesome quiz :D

  • Your Result: Your perfect life :D

    You will be remembered as the model of perfection! You will have a career doing what you enjoy best, and a happy family. You will retire to a lovely house and small estate you have bought with your earnings, where you will paint/write or otherwise occupy your time peacefully until your death. Your work will achieve some fame in your lifetime, but only after your death will people begin to appreciate your true greatness! Your home will be made into a museum to you and visitors from all over the world will come and read about your happy life and your great work, and the wonderful influence you had on everyone who knew you :D We will always remember you :)))

    That sounds amazing! I hope that actually happens! :D


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