What Godly Powers do you have?

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What are our godly powers? Are you like Zeus? Hades? Poseidon? Aphrodite? Artemis? Apollo? Let's see in this quiz! Have fun! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry for the short quiz I am new at this! Thanks for understanding! You are awesome)-_+={[}];:"'<,>.?/!@#$%*() Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for playing

Created by: Peyton Clark

  1. Your enemy comes up to you and threatens to blackmail you if you don't do something for them do you...
  2. You spot your boyfriend cheating what do you do?
  3. Your ex comes to you saying he wants you back
  4. You're hanging out with your best friend. Where are you?
  5. What weapon?
  6. You are granted 3 wishes what do you pick?
  7. One more question how do you feel?
  8. Are you a Hunter Of Artemis?
  9. Hi
  10. :)

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Quiz topic: What Godly Powers do I have?