Which Greek God is Your Parent? (PJO/HOO)

Ever wondered what your greek godly parent was if you lived in the PJO and HOO books? I think im a Apollo kid, you? Cuz I tried to think of the best ways to find who you are in those wonderful books.

I have definitely gotten Athena and Hades before, but if I was a PJO/HOO chearicter I would be a Apollo kid, follower of Athena, and a hunter of Artemis. You? Truly Hades or truly Aphrodite? Find what you are!

Created by: GreekGeekHuntres
  1. First off, whats your dateing status?
  2. If you said taken, imagine your on a quest (your alone right now), and then your love came out of the mist and reveld himself as a bad guy. (He has been missing)
  3. They say they joined because you would be safe.
  4. If you said single, imange your best friend is in the middle of a of a intense battle with the leader and you need help. But if they help you they cant kill the leader. What do you do?
  5. WEAPONS!!!
  7. Last, do you have a fear?
  8. Jk! But really, really this time, last question. Yep! The color question!
  9. Oh my gods it wont let me publish it without 10 questions. Ok, I have more (this wont count for parnets but the rest will, I feel like this is a important and fun question). Join the hunt or no?
  10. Would you rather have a mom or dad?
  11. Your favorite god/goddess?
  12. If you said other, which one?

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Quiz topic: Which Greek God is my Parent? (PJO/HOO)