What Gender do you Act Like? (NON SEXIST VERSION)

Tired of all those stupid "are yoU mOar LyK abOy or a Grul xD xD" quizzes, where the questions are extremely bias and based off of things that you already KNOW about? (For example, questions like "Duhhrr ain't shopping for makeup awesome?!", obviously extremely few boys like shopping and wearing makeup, and we already know that).

Well, lucky for you! The questions on this quiz is based off of male and female psychology, not how they act (I don't say stereotypes because let's be honest: there is truth to gender stereotypes to a certain extent) That being said, I'm using generalizations. Of course there's going to be people who don't act like the gender they were born in (not talking about transgender people BTW; not acting like the gender you were born in does NOT mean you're transgender), which is why there are quizzes like these!

Created by: nccarols

  1. You've had a very bad day. Nothing has gone your way, and everyone has been super annoying. You see your friend, when they ask you, "is everything alright?" how do you respond?
  2. Which is worse: failing to make someone you cared about happy, or messing up on something you really cared about?
  3. Alright, so your friend goes up to you, and they're like. "Bruh... you look so ratchet today LOL" how do you feel?
  4. Ok, so let's pretend that you were a sensitive little prick about it, and this escalated into a fight. What would happen in that fight?
  5. Ok, so one day later, you see them again. What do you do?
  6. Would you rather date someone who is hot and mean, or nice and ugly?
  7. You see someone, and you go home and think about them and what they look like. What image appears in your head?
  8. You and your friend like the same person. How do you react?
  9. Someone is really upset. How do you try to make them feel better?
  10. What is an expectation from the media that makes you self-conscious?

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Quiz topic: What Gender do I Act Like? (NON SEXIST VERSION)