What game suits you best

There are many types of games. But what is the perfect game for you? Take this quiz and find out what type of games you will like!!!

Do YOU like RPG, Strategy/Puzzle, Tower Defence,Platform Or Shooter? Take this Fab quiz to find what game will suit you!!!!!

Created by: iiJune

  1. What games do you prefer (Outa this)
  2. What weapon would you have(Outa these)
  3. What is ur hobby?
  4. Do you like Roblox?
  5. Choose a colour
  6. Why in the world are you playin dis?
  7. how old are you?
  8. Choose
  9. Do you like Diz quiz?
  10. Lawl :3
  11. Nyan?

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Quiz topic: What game suits me best