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There are many video games and it's sometimes hard to find one you like. Take this quiz to help you find the perfect game for you to try out.

Do you want to find the perfect video game series for you? Well than take this quiz and you can try out whatever your result is!!!!

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What years did you play the best Video games?
  2. Which are your favorite game genre?
  3. Do you Like Series with a lot of games and characters or series with not as many games and characters.
  4. How often do you play games?
  5. How many games would you play in a series?
  6. What devices to you like better?
  7. What is your favorite color out of?
  8. When did you play your first video game?
  9. Do you have one of these game systems? If you have two or more of these than just pick a random one or your favorite one.
  10. Do you have any multiplayer games?
  11. What season do you play the most video games?
  12. Which of these names sound the coolest to you:
  13. Do you like dinosaurs?
  14. Are you very jumpy when playing video games? After a long while of loosing and you finally win do you say "yes yes yes!!!"
  15. How often do you play violent games with either blood or other?
  16. Have You Played one of the following video games?
  17. Do you like fast paced games?
  18. What games have you heard of before today?
  19. Do you like retro games?
  20. Do you want to win a video game tournament?
  21. Choose a number
  22. Do you collect Nintendo or Sega Merchandise?
  23. Are you tired right now?
  24. What is your favorite out of?
  25. Do you like overalls?
  26. Do you like games with upgrades and armor?
  27. What name sounds the most familiar?
  28. This is the final question of this quiz. Have you like all video games you have played?

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