what yugioh deck suits you

Yugioh is an amazingly complex game. But before we worry about that, what deck suits you? There are many types of decks out there, but which one is YOURS?

What deck is mine, you ask? Well, as I said before there are many decks out there. This quiz is supposed to help you find your suitable deck. Good luck!

Created by: Ethan Caron

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  1. Are you a amazing complex person, or do you prefer things simple?
  2. Are you aggressive, or passive?
  3. What monster types do you like best?
  4. If you were a Yu-Gi-Oh! monster, what would you be?
  5. Would you rather have a fast paced deck, or a slower deck?
  6. Do you like to bang out the high attacks, or are you more of a finesse type of person
  7. What card would you use to stop a monster summon?
  8. Quick! Pick a card, and fast!!
  9. Do you hate deceptiveness and trickery in a duel?
  10. Last question. Are you a noob, or a hard, seasoned veteran?

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