Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck Should You Use?

A Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist can think on the spot, face anything that their opponent can throw at them, use a type of deck that has been scientifically chosen for them.

Can you do that? This quiz has been made to test duelists that the choices they make can determine their playing style. Try this quiz, and see what deck you should play with...

Created by: Adam

  1. Choose a creature
  2. Choose a name
  3. Which deck would you prefer
  4. Which cards do you prefer
  5. Are you a Yomonist? (Believes that every deck should have a theme)
  6. Are you a Samonist? ( Believes that every deck should not have a theme)
  7. How many decks do you use?
  8. Which is your favourite type of Spell card?
  9. Which is your favourite type of Trap card?
  10. Which is your favourite kind of card?

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Quiz topic: Which Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck should I Use?