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  • SAINTS! My favorite team.
    Black and gold!!!!!
    Drew Brees is the best QB of all time!!!hands down!

    JOEYCHEATERS Oct 5 '16, 10:43PM
  • I am a panthers fan and it said the egals

    Jacobr1238 May 18 '16, 9:25PM
  • I think the charges it is!!! I will always bleed blue and gold.

    Prime Time 21 Mar 12 '16, 2:48AM

    idksd27 Dec 6 '15, 12:34AM
  • I Am not 82% bears

    rwoo2102 May 20 '15, 2:52PM
  • Gave me Eagles. I'm a Chargers fan though. Really considering changing though. Cant stand how long this team has let me down for.

    Maxamillion Dec 15 '14, 5:35PM
  • hmmm...im a neutral saints fan but in fourth place was the bears i hate the bears theyre my least favorite team in the league so i guess you know what my favorite team is if you know anything about football rivalries.

    rwoo2102 Jun 19 '14, 8:37AM
  • Eagles ... ok

    nonojackson101 May 2 '14, 11:21AM
  • ... patriots really i'm a BRONCOS FAN this sucks

    SkittleLover Mar 26 '14, 10:48AM
  • I got the Patriots... I love the Atlanta Falcons though!! Lol

    noellement Apr 15 '13, 6:45AM
  • Got the Saints, which is fine. I am a Vikings fan however

    Jolly Good Fella Jan 4 '12, 10:52PM
  • My team isn't here, but you got me:) I like 10 btw, got colts, GO BRONCOS!!!!

    akyla757 Dec 9 '11, 1:30AM
  • Yes! It said I'm an Eagle and I am an huge Eagles fan! I bleed green, even shed tears after the season. I'll bleed green forever!

    bleedgreen4ever Jun 5 '11, 11:15PM
  • Incredibly accurate, no joke

    Brittonio34 Mar 7 '11, 6:06PM
  • huh vikes suck steelers and carnils are the real deal

    punkneo123 Jan 12 '11, 11:09PM
  • i hate the vikes vikes suck d*ck steeler and carnils rock

    punkneo123 Jan 12 '11, 11:08PM
  • thanks man i did not know who to chose and the pats man thanks

    yo2773 Dec 16 '10, 8:40PM
  • i like the saints but ima GIANTS FAN FOREVER!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    rodney streeter Jun 26 '09, 5:47PM
  • hmph. falcons.....Bull, im a broncos fan WE BEAT THE FALCONS!!!!!!!!

    Azumaro Jun 12 '09, 9:31AM
    GOD DAM IT!!!!

    SPEEDY May 25 '09, 6:14AM
  • i said that i like dogs, but it said my favorite team is the falcons. wat is that all about.

    getsome18 Dec 5 '08, 10:00AM
  • im a panthers fan theyre not on there but it said im a bear grrrrrrrrrrr

    levi00 Nov 16 '08, 5:44PM

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