What FNaF character are you?

This is my first EVER quiz so please dont hate it, this is a quiz which can help you know what FNaF character you are, of course, LEAVE loada of COMENTS and show jaw do you feel about this

FNaF is a series of popular games made by Scott Calfon Origanily made in 2014,ever since, The world made:fan game, New games about FNaF, Songs and more!

Created by: THE GOLD ONE
  1. Who is your favrote animatronic
  2. What is your color
  3. Your in a band, who are you
  4. How do you attack?
  5. How do your friends describe you?
  6. How many friends?
  7. You would like to see in FNaF 3:
  8. What figure would you like (IMPORTANT, I AM NOT GIVING ANYTHING).
  9. What FNaF 2 figure would you like (SAME AS LAST ONE, I AM NOT GIVING ANYTHING).
  10. What FNaF figure would you like (YOU KNOW THE DEAL, NO GIVING).
  11. Who are you
  12. Your JUMPSCARE?
  13. Color?
  14. Who would you poses
  15. What was it agin?
  16. Its the end!

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Quiz topic: What FNaF character am I?