How Well Do You Know Bonnie? (FNaF)

Hello! Uh, hello, hello? Uh, welcome to your new job... No, I'm not going to copy paste that here. Anyways, welcome to "How Well Do You Know Bonnie? (FnaF)"!

This is a simple, 12 question quiz with some pretty standard questions about Bonnie. This is both multiple choice and true of false, with both questions about game mechanics and random trivia. Good luck, and enjoy!

Created by: kittties4ever12
  1. Let's start simple. Who is the creator of Bonnie?
  2. Alright. Now, which door does Bonnie come through in the first game?
  3. Good! Okay, here's one. What gender is Bonnie?
  4. Fair enough. How many games games does Bonnie appear in? (It could be in any form)
  5. Which is NOT a form that Bonnie ever appears in?
  6. What is Withered Bonnie missing?
  7. In Ultimate Custom Night, what do you have to do to prevent Rockstar Bonnie from attacking you?
  8. Let's do some true or false questions! Bonnie was the first animatronic to be created.
  9. Bonnie shares Pirate Cove with Foxy in Ultimate Custom Night.
  10. In Sister Location, Funtime Bonnie is in the Funtime Auditorium.
  11. In Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, one of your nightly tasks is to repair the animatronics, like Rockstar Bonnie and Lefty.
  12. Last one. Bonnie was created during a car ride.

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Bonnie? (FNaF)