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  • Fun quiz, but the "they're all not real" comment at the beginning was completely unnecessary.[b][url =[no urls]]What fantasy being are you?[/url][/b]

    You r Result: [b]Unicorn[/b]

    You are magical you like to daydream and you like the clouds better than the earth, you could actually be in the clouds or just daydreaming. You like to be with others, too.

    [i]Result Breakdown:[/i]
    83% Unicorn
    77% fairy
    46% Dragon
    40% Griffin
    29% Gargoyle

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  • Your Result: fairy

    You like nature and are either mischievous, helpful or both. You like the elements like water, fire, earth, and air. You might be a garden fairy or a forest fairy.

  • Awesome quiz. Result is : DRAGON

    You are very powerful and mighty. There is no one like you, every dragon is unique. You can be scary, but when people get to know you a little better they aren't as scared.

  • Unicorn,I do find myself very unique and imaginative as well as adventurous and strong like them. I'd like to have a horn for protection and magic spells too. Cool quiz mate.

  • Your Result: Griffin

    You are a regal, intimidating kind of person.You can be threatening even to those who know you, you are great guardians and people should be able to trust you.


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