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  • I'm Beethoven ! Well... It's true in researching him and I play his songs and I love fast and powerful classical music !

    BeethovenPerson Feb 1 '13, 3:13PM
  • Your Result: 34380471974 (2317-2498)
    Wo w! I am not quite sure whether you are alive or dead or what, but seems you're descended from 34380471974, who will be born in a few centuries. I don't know that much about him, but I can tell you they wil live a lot longer then, so I'm guessing he will write hundreds of symphonies. Also lots of pieces for whatever instrument you play, be it viola, drum-kit, or cheese-grater... Congrats, your ancestor (I think?) is the craziest composer I've yet come across!

    ashbieber123 Sep 15 '11, 5:51PM
  • Good quiz i got Poulenc...idk who any of these peeps r except 4 Beethoven lol

    glitterchick97 Sep 15 '11, 5:34PM

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