what fairy are you

there are many differnt fairies out there. which one are you. they might be mean, brave, stubborn, greedy, mystiorous, secretive, adventurous.here you will only know.

which fairywill you be? what powers do you have? until now you can only think? try this to find out.

Created by: kim
  1. if you had the chanc to annoy somebody what would you do?
  2. do people usaully ask you for advice?
  3. do you like gardenig/plants?
  4. do you like playing with fire?
  5. do you like playing with water?
  6. do you like heat tools and metal?
  7. when is your favorite time?
  8. do you ever use people?
  9. do you love animals?
  10. did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: What fairy am I