What Faction Do You Truly Belong In?

In Divergent there are five factions, as you hopefully know: Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, Candor and Daunntless. They're all fabulous in their own little ways, but what faction would YOU be in?

Take my fantabulous quiz to find out what faction you belong in! Go on! Are you brave like Dauntless or peace-loving like Amity? Just remember: FACTION BEFORE BLOOD.

Created by: Raven_claw

  1. What do you do at break times?
  2. What's your aim in life?
  3. Are you violent?
  4. Finish the sentence. Shut up...
  5. What would your worst nightmare consist of?
  6. Dream meal? This sounds like a really weird way to phrase it but whatever.
  7. What's your favourite school subject out of the following?
  8. What school club would you most likely take part in?
  9. What music do you like?
  10. Someone picks a fight with you. What do you do?
  11. What sort of vibe would you like to give off as a person?
  12. Where would you most like to live?
  13. What sort of people annoys you the most out of the following?
  14. What sort of Instagram accounts are you following? (If you don't care about IG in the least, then what interests you the most?)
  15. How confident are you?
  16. How good are you at sports?
  17. What sort of sense of humour do you have?
  18. What serum would you most like to have?
  19. What job would you most like to have out of the following? Prepare for a lot of "˜/'... the jobs will seem very random.
  20. And finally, you can go against what the aptitude test tells you. What faction would you choose at the ceremony?

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Quiz topic: What Faction do I Truly Belong In?