what equestrian are you?

What type of equestrian are you? If you want to know you can try out my quiz!! Something you should know before hand is that this may be hard for some people who don't know much about riding.

Do you know what type of rider you are? If not come take this quiz!! This is a fun and funny equestrian quiz. If you love horses and horseback-ridng you will love this quiz! So come now to find out what rider you are!...

Created by: horsejumper23

  1. What is a diagonal?
  2. Your horse decides to take off during a trail ride. What do you do?
  3. What do you use to groom your horse?
  4. Name the order of wich a judge will call for the gaits of five-gaited horses.
  5. How many beats does a canter have?
  6. What is a tapadera?
  7. Which has a lead a canter, trot, walk?
  8. Where do you lead a horse from?
  9. how many inches is in a hand?
  10. Where do horses put their ears when they are mad?

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Quiz topic: What equestrian am I?