What Element Are You?

There's Many Different People Out There. Some Can Be Cruel, Un-Forgiving People, Some Nice, Kind People. What Are Elements? Elements Are Different Parts Of The Earth, Like Fire, Water, Earth And Air.

What Element Are YOU? I See You Wonder. Well Take This Quiz And Find Out! Are You Quiet, Shy Water? Or Feisty Fire? Trouble-Making Air Or Clumsy Earth? With Only A Few Questions In Your Way, You'll Soon Find Out!

Created by: IHaveNoName

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  1. Are You Shy, Loud, Trouble-Maker Or Clumsy?
  2. What Place Do You Like To Best Be At?
  3. What Would You Do If You Were Being Picked On?
  4. What Do You Think Is Your Spirit Animal?
  5. Your Favourite Colour? ( Running Out Of Ideas )
  6. You See The School Bully In An Alley, Crying.He'd Just Lost His Family. What Do You Do?
  7. What Grades Do You Mostly Get?
  8. Favourite Girl Names?
  9. Like This Quiz?
  10. What Do You Think You Are?

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Quiz topic: What Element am I?