The Element Quiz

You always see those elements everyday: Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. But have you ever thought the elements had a certain personality to them? Well, they do now!

What element would you be? The exciting Fire, the mellow Earth, the sweet Air, or the unique Water? Let us see with this quiz that I made from scratch. Good luck!

What is your age?
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25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
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What is your gender?
You come to a theature with 2 friends when you come to realize they only have 2 tickets left for the show you want to see. What do you do?
You leave yourself out and let them go. You can go see the movie another time, friends are more important!
You decide to do something else, such as go for a walk or check out that new exibit at the museum
You would never be out at a theatere with your friends! You could be walking outside alone.
You have to be one of the people to go see the movie! You can't handle waiting for them!
How many friends do you have?
So many, you can't even count or say all of their names!
You have a nice small group of 4 to 6 friends.
You have a couple of best friends.
You have 1, I think.
What makes you ticked off?
If you can't get something you really want.
If no one cares about you when you are actually sad.
You usually get never ticked off!
When your friend abandons you.
What would be the perfect place your mind can drift off to?
An abandoned forest.
In a meadow when it's windy.
On a hot, tropical, beach.
Somewhere near a lake or a river.
You find $100 on the floor while your walking in a city. What do you do?
Save it for your "Exotic Trip" Fund.
Give it to a homeless person. They need it more!
Say, "Cool" and put in your pocket. It's no big deal.
In the yearbook, what you be most likely elected for?
Most popular
Most mellow
Most unique
What do you want to be when you grow up?
An actor/actress. The lime-light is your calling!
An explorer. You can travel the world!
A lawyer. It seems stable enough.
A house-mom. You just love kids!
How good do you think you look?
I'm ok. Whatever.
I don't really care about my looks, I'd rather help someone!
I'm hot, spicy, and all that!
I'm pretty cute! -giggles-
What is the best animal out of all of these?
A colorful fish!
A nice, cute bunny!
A dog.
A parrot. It's colorful and talented!
Last question, what do you think of this quiz?
It's so cool! I'm taking it again!
It's ok, I just found it on the internet.
It could have been more unique and interesting.
I could have made a better one!

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