What Eeveelution Are You?

do you love pokemon? I know I do! this test is all about eeveelutions! these cute pokemon are favorites amongst every one! getting the most attention from game freak!

we'll be testing with a few eeveelutions,flareon,vaporeon,jolteon,umbreon,and last but not least espeon! what eeveelution will you be? fun and loving or dark and mean,every one is welcomed!

Created by: ~Eevee Art~

  1. you find out your friend is being bullyed,what do you do?!?
  2. what is your favorite berry type?
  3. You lose your way home,what do you do?
  4. you order a pizza with 8 slices,how many slices does your friend get?
  5. which stone is the prettiest
  6. whats your favorite color?
  7. why do you need 12 QUESTIONS FOR A QUIZ?!?!?
  9. what should the world be like?
  10. what is your favorite animal type!
  11. what is your favorite pokemon type?
  12. last one,was this quiz ok?

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Quiz topic: What Eeveelution am I?