what eevee are you? for real. no leafeon or glaceon

there are many other pokemon, but a few eevees or eeveelutions. what is a eevee? it is a evolution pokemon that adapts to harsh einvoroments by taking on different evolvtionary forms.

are you a eevee/ evolvtion? who knows what awnser you will get! in just a few minutes/ seconds/ hours you will find out your awnser! good luck!!!!!!!!!1

Created by: layla

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. pick a symbol that represents you.
  2. which one of these would you like to happen to you?
  3. what awnser do you think you will get?
  4. what is your weakness?
  5. what are you super effective on?
  6. what is your favorite colour?
  7. do you want to evolve?
  8. what is your favorite type?
  9. do you have eevee or evolvtions?
  10. did you like this?

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Quiz topic: What eevee am I? for real. no leafeon or glaceon