what eevee are you

there are many people who are eevees. what is an eevee? an eevee is a rare pokemon that adapts on harsh environments by taking different evolutionary forms.

are you a eevee? leafeon? flareon? vaporeon? jolteon? glaceon? umbreon? or espeon? who knows what awnser you will get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck!

Created by: layla
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which stone looks cooler?
  2. what is your favourite move?
  3. what weather would you prefer?
  4. what do you think is your symbol?
  5. choose an object.
  6. you are stuck in an elevator how do you react?
  7. do you like to eat?
  8. is your family mean, nice or not fair to you?
  9. what is your favourite flavour?
  10. are people nice to you?

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Quiz topic: What eevee am I