What Drawn to life character are you?

Drawn to life. Just a video game right? Wrong. It is a game that has moral and creativity and spunk. It has amazing characters, too. Find out who you are with my quiz!

Who are you in Drawn to life? Are you on the side of evil or good? Try out my quiz to find out! You won't be sorry, and even if you don't know what drawn to life is, just play the quiz!

Created by: Morgan4eva13
  1. How far would you go for your friends?
  2. What color do you like best?
  3. What character, out of these, do you like?
  4. Cats!
  5. Do you like the shadow walkers?
  6. Which noise is your favorite?
  7. Which greeting is your favorite?
  8. Do you like drawn to life?
  9. Quick! What style?
  10. Did you like the quiz? (doesn't count.)

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Quiz topic: What Drawn to life character am I?