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  • What dragon Element are you?
    Your Result: Lightening Dragon 83%

    Lightening dragons are Peaceful, energetic! They do not cause immense trouble, although the like to mess around, and show off their powers. Lightening dragons are shy, and don't really like having Contact with others. They tend to be by themselves, and live alone. They are Very Strong, and like to listen to the sound of the Thunder, and see the Flash of the Lightening Strike! These dragons are the Bravest of all the Elements, as they are always are alert and Protective of themselves and others.

    Sounds pretty accurate! nice quiz!

  • Nice. Describes me well.
    Your Result: Rock Dragon 94%

    Rock Dragons Live in the Mountains, feeling the Wind strike from Mount Everest. Rock Dragons are the Most powerful from all the Dragons, by having the Strongest Element. Despite their Powerful Ability, Rock dragons do not Show off. Instead, they keep themselves to Their self, likeing to be alone. They are very Quiet, and do not tend to speak.

  • Your Result: Forest Dragon 92%

    Forest dragons love to listen to the calls of the Forest animals. They love to rush through the leaves, being free and happy! They are The smallest of all dragons, and also laid back, friendly and Powerful! They dont Show off their aggressive side, as Forest Dragons hate Aggression. They are Patient, and have a very Mild Temper.

    Perfectl y describes me! Great quiz!

  • Lightning dragon breed,sounds basically like me. I am very protective and defensive alot over myself and my beliefs as well as a loner and quite adventurous often too. Cool quiz mate.

  • I took it again and got wind dragon, which was also accurate. Cool!

  • 93% Lightning dragon and also 93% Wind, and 92% Ocean. All of those are perfect for me, way cool quiz! XD


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