What Dog Collar Is Right For Your Dog?

Do you have problems finding a good collar for your dog? Is nothing at all working? Do you have trouble finding collars in a pet shop? Do all the names and descriptions confuse you?

If even one question sound like you this is a great quiz. I have 2 dogs of my own and had TONS of trouble finding a good collar both my dogs and I liked. Many people told me not to use choke chains and pinch collars but I did because my dogs are TOO big for me. Now I realize why they said this. My dog hates putting on her collar and hates walking even more. That is why neither choke nor pinch collars are recommended on this quiz.

Created by: Haylie
  1. Does your dog tend to pull on leash?
  2. What is your dogs size?
  3. My dog is...
  4. My dog is.
  5. My dogs head is...
  6. My dog does _________ when we are walking.
  7. My dog is.
  8. My dog _____ a lot when tired.
  9. My dogs coat is...
  10. My dog
  11. My dog tends to

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Quiz topic: What Dog Collar Is Right For my Dog?