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  • Your Results : Golden Retriver

    You are a goldie .You are popular,but that is not your main concern .It is loyalty. You don't care if you master is beating you with a stick,or giving you a big honor after a day's work,the couch. If you are the biggest, it doesn't matter,chiuawa are good too !

    Cool !!!I don't like the beating thing it's just messed up .

  • I got doberman! I am so happy!!!! They are my second favorite dog breed right behind the rottie!

  • uhh, I'm a pug. I have a deadly snubbed nose. I will suffocate.

  • a pug is better then a 'mixed breed' - 'bout shot myself in the head over that.

  • i got mixed breed. i feel offended by wat sassyjag said.

    Tuker 2

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