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  • PISCES )-(

    smartgirl115 Aug 12 '11, 12:59PM
  • not very accurate on mine. I'm never harsh! how dare you! Oh maybe i am. sorry! great quiz!

    _celloplayer_ Aug 9 '11, 12:33PM
  • Okay.... didn't describe much for Aquarius. Unlucky and unsuccessful? Do you haver a bone to pick with us? Not gonna bother rating, this quiz meant nothing... questions were good though ;)

    Nikki_Knox Aug 8 '11, 3:07PM
  • Great quiz. Very Exact.

    madid Aug 8 '11, 12:58PM
  • Yay! I got mine! Woohoo! Yeah..Capricorn one does describe me. Thanks! Nice quiz! :DD

    name Aug 8 '11, 5:35AM

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