everyone wants to know what there beautiful eyes mean! take this quiz and your eye open a cristly clear window for EVRYTHING! LEARN TO LOVE YOU PRETTY EYES AND WHAT THEY MEAN!!!

are you brave enough to see what your special eye color means??????????? TAKE THIS QUIZ!!!YOUR EYE TELL PEOPLE EVERYTHING. YOU MIGHGT NOT KNOW WHAT THEY SEE! TAKE THIS QUIZ AND SEE WHAT OTHERES SEE

Created by: EMILY
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  2. are you outgoing?
  3. are you prtective
  4. are you strong?
  5. if you saw a baby alone in bushes what would you do
  6. you see a kid that is crying and is all alone...and hurt
  7. are you shy?
  8. are you cute?
  9. day or night person?
  10. girl or boy?

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Quiz topic: WHAT DOES my EYES MEAN