what does my OC Fiona think of you? (For dudes)

Me/Sapphire: this quiz is about what my psychotic OC, Fiona, thinks of you! | Fiona: filler jaslkajeqo[dwl; 'jfeadhnld;sjfl;kjnrwl; ceildkjfkl;wdhk.fhnwj;hikj;erklj;dfsjkeahjklesdfjklhrsnhf;wrh;


Created by: KrazyGirl765

  1. Fiona: I WANNA DO THIS QUIZ! | Me: You'll mess it up. | Fiona: NO I WON'T! And this is what I think, duh. | Me: Fine. | Fiona: Yay. WHATS DA BEST COLOR
  2. Fiona: Do you think KrazyGirl765 is annoying? | Me: HEY!!!
  3. Me: I'm not annoying! | Fiona: Yes you are. Anyway do you like mangoes?
  4. Fiona: I'm the best OC, obviously. Right?
  5. Thistleshade: I'M the best OC. | Sapphire/KrazyGirl: *slaps forehead* | Fiona: YOU ARE NOT! | Thistleshade: Shut it or else. | Fiona: I'll be over here!
  6. Sapphire/Krazy: STOP FIGHTING! | Fiona: Do you like being a wacko?
  7. Fiona: What do you look for in a girl?
  8. Fiona: MANGOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Sapphire/Krazy: I TOLD you you'd mess it up.
  9. Fiona: Are you a troublemaker?
  10. Fiona: Did you like this quiz?

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