What Does Golf Mean to You?

We all know that there is more to golf than clubs, balls, carts, and greens. What does golf mean to you? Do you tally every stroke, lose balls in every hazard, or take lessons until your arms fall off?

Are you are a true golfer, or is your dedication to the game a little less than pro status on the course? Find out now in this fun golf-themed quiz.

Created by: Golf Pro

  1. You've just shot your worst round in years. Which factor are you most-likely to blame?
  2. What best describes the clubs you currently use?
  3. Which best descibes the amount of time or money you've put into improving your swing?
  4. What do you like most about the game?
  5. How many golf balls do you keep in the front compartment of the cart?
  6. Walk or ride?
  7. Which best describes the effort you put into retrieving lost balls.
  8. 9 Holes or 18?
  9. Which best decribes your score keeping.
  10. You have to choose between warming up and catching the last few strokes of the Masters, which do you choose?

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