What Do You Think Of One Direction?

These Are Just Eleven Yes Or No Questions.Just Put Yes Or No And I Will Calculate Your Score On If You Like One Direction.Are You Ready?I Hope You Are.

Please Comment And Check Out My Other Quizzes.You Can Also Take Some Of My Polls.I Try To Make New Quizzes Every Now And Then.Have Fun And I Hope You Like My Quiz.

Created by: Kiersten 1D

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Like One Direction?
  2. Do You Like Their Music?
  3. Would You Call Your Self A Directioner?
  4. Do You Like Any Of The Members?
  5. Do You Ever Stalk Them?
  6. Do You Like Their Up All Night Album?
  7. Do You Like Their Take Me Home Album?
  8. Do You Like Their Midnight Memories Album?
  9. Do You Like Their Album FOUR?
  10. Good Bye.

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Quiz topic: What do I Think Of One Direction?