What do you think a PRO graphics maker is?

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The are many out there who consider their work to be Pro. But what is Pro exactly? Think you know? Maybe you shoudl find out how much you Actually know about being a pro. graphics maker.

Yes? No? Maybe...? Find out! Let the real pro makers have the credit they diserve, see if you're a real Pro graphics maker... or just a phony one.....

Created by: Clover of Mistclan
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  1. PRO is short for...
  2. What do you consider a Pro picture? Choose the one you may participate in.
  3. Do you have a degree in photographic manipulations? If so/not, do yo still believe you are a PRO Graphics maker?
  4. How do you describe Professional?
  5. Do you believe that 5,000Coins is too much to ask for for a Professionally made layout, all perfectly to your liking?
  6. How do you describe your graphics? [Does not change score]
  7. Which is correctly credited for a horse picture off of DeviantArt by JohnDoe??
  8. Best Photos to use?
  9. Do you believe you know what pro is? [Score not affected]
  10. Will you let your friends know what TRUE PRO. is?

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Quiz topic: What do I think a PRO graphics maker is?