are your HL pics professional?

Many people on make graphics. they can be categorized as pers. pic, more expensive pers pics, semi pro, pro, extremly pro. These graphic makers make pics for those who can't and charge game money as payment for the graphics. but there is a controversy as to what is really pro and what isn't.

Are YOU pro? do you have the graphics skills and program to make these top graphics? many people in the game world say they are pro but really- they aren't. take this quiz to find out for sure what category you fit into!

Created by: amazon
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  1. do you use paint at all to make your pics?
  2. can you crop really good?
  3. can you make a hose look like its walking through water with water splashing?
  4. can you make the whole image have a shadow?
  5. do you use normal pic and write stuff on it?
  6. does your picture look like the horse is naturally there?
  7. can you make a HL colour background pic using 5+ pictures making them blend together?
  8. can you take a horse picture and make it look like a unicorn/pegasus?
  9. how much do you sell your pics for?
  10. do your pics ever get blurry? even a tiny bit?

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Quiz topic: Am Ir HL pics professional?