What do you really know about anime?!

There are people who think they know anime, and people who do know anime. You can find out easily but taking this quiz. Scared? Afraid? don't be...take it and find out..No harm no foul. xD

Do you really know anime like you think you do? Are you really that big of a fan of anime as you think you are? You will be able to find out when taking this quiz.

Created by: Shona of AnimeCraze
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  1. Where did Anime orginate from?
  2. What century did Anime begin in?
  3. What year did Manga start to become more popular?
  4. Who was the person who was called "Legend" and/or "God of Manga"?
  5. What other name is Anime referred to as?
  6. What was the first Anime series ever made?
  7. What was the first Anime movie broadcasted?
  8. When was the first Anime movie broadcasted released?
  9. Who is the creator of InuYasha manga?
  10. What was the first OVA? And when was it released?

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Quiz topic: What do I really know about anime?!