what do you like in a diaper?



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  1. you are in a bus on the highway. suddenly, the urge to go to the bathroom slaps you in the face. a man nearby glances at you, and writes on a sticky note, "do you need to use the bathroom?" you nod your head and pass back the sticky-notes, and he passes you one of his spare diapers. what do you do? (wont effect results)
  2. you just ate three pounds of food at mc.donalds, and in the middle of the trip home, you need to use the bathroom. what do you do?
  3. you just messed your diaper over capacity and it was:
  4. is this question four?
  5. oh, hol' on. forgot to change mah poopy diaper.
  6. you just found a hypermessy diaper in your garbage. how do you react?
  7. an ABDL invites you over for a pull-up party, and it has the location of the party, and claims that there will be tons of fun games.
  8. if nobody cared, what sounds best?
  9. are you ready to see the results?
  10. pick a number
  11. bye
  12. twelve

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Quiz topic: What do I like in a diaper?

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